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No. 4526
Date: c1850

A top quality French carriage clock.

The gilt-brass case having a shuttered rear door finely engraved with scrolls and signed BOURDIN, Hger Breveté , Rue de la Paix,28, PARIS; the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and a subsidiary seconds chapter at X11, signed BOURDIN, Her Bté, RUE DE LA PAIX 28, PARIS, with blued steel ‘Breguet’ hands and alarm chapter below.
The eight-day spring barrel movement, sounding the hours and half hours on a bell, with repeat, surmounted by a fine silvered platform club tooth lever escapement.

Case height: 5 ¾ inches (13.6 cms).

A.E. Bourdin is recorded at 28 Rue de la Paix 1840-60. Paris Expositions: Bronze Medal 1844, Silver Medal 1855 and Bronze Medal 1867 for carriage clocks.