Date: c1855

The gilt-brass ‘one piece’ case, with its original gilding, is finely engraved with a leaf and scroll pattern set with engraved side panels and panelled shuttered rear door and above an engraved tapering bar handle, the underside of the base with strike selection lever marked ‘clock’, ‘silent’, and ‘quarter’.
The white enamel dial with Roman numerals and blued steel moon hands set within an engraved dial mask and below three subsidiary dials for date, day and alarm and an aperture showing the month on a silvered rotating disc.
The substantial two train spring barrel movement sounding the hours and quarters on two gongs having a gilt platform lever escapement.
Complete with travelling case and winding key. This fine example was almost certainly was made by Henri Jacot; see ‘Carriage Clocks’ by Charles Allix, page 196.

Case height: 5 ½ inches (14cms).

Notes on movement:- When set to ‘clock’ it will sound the quarters only but at the hour it will strike 4 quarters plus the hour. When set to ‘quarters’ it will sound the quarters plus the hour at each quarter. It will always strike 4 quarters plus the hour at the hour. Quarters always sound first at all quarters.
The month is a manual change. The clock is unnumbered and unsigned and uniquely the rear door hinge is on the left.